0 Bento #196 - House of Ravioli and Wagamama Ramen

Monday, July 18, 2011

Bento #196 - Grilled chicken ravioli with herbs and parm, dried blueberries & cherries, organic baby carrots and ranch dip (and a carnation.)

Getting back into the swing of things!  For the first lunch back home I knew I wanted to use this completely adorable Cath Kidston food tray.  I picked it up as they were closing their Windsor location just outside the castle.  Bless the saleswoman, she allowed me to snap a couple of pictures (usually not allowed) to show you just how darling the store is!

Miss E, holding up our new find.

Afterwards, we grabbed dinner at Wagamama around the corner.  It's a ramen bar with locations around the world.  Ella was in fits of ecstasy at the prospect of Chinese noodles and gyoza.  

Ella had the "mini" kids ramen bowl.  It was huge!  It had a chicken and pork broth with a grilled chicken breast, sweet corn, shredded carrot, watercress and cilantro.  They also had these super cool kids chopsticks, gleefully demonstrated by Ella in the picture below.  

My mother-in-law had the pork ribs.

And I had the Wagamama ramen, complete with smooth dory, shrimp, kamaboko, (type of surimi) fried tofu, wakame seaweed, menma (bamboo shoots), mushrooms, watercress and spring onions.  Delish!


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