2 Bento #176 - Chicken Ravioli & Bruschetta

Monday, March 28, 2011

New bento box!  Yes, I have a problem.  My sister and I went to get our brows threaded at the mall, and we just had to stop in at Niko Niko.  They had this new Hello Kitty square box that I had to get.  I think this is the first purple one that we own, which is nice because it's E's favorite color.  I also threw in some Hello Kitty chocolate pocky as a special treat since World Market is donating 100% of the proceeds that come from the sale of Japanese products to earthquake/tsunami relief through September.  We stocked up on sake and other items, including the cute containers of pocky you see below.

Bento #176 - Chicken mozzarella ravioli, bruschetta & sliced grape tomatoes, organic steamed broccoli, red grapes and Hello Kitty choco-pocky.

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tinyskillet said...

That is a cute Hello Kitty purple bento box. It's great that so many companies and individuals are pitching in to help the tsunami relief efforts.

Unknown said...

That bento box is kawaii! Many shops on etsy are donating to the tsunami relief efforts.

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