2 Bento #128 - Princess PB&J

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Today we have some of the super yummy bread I made the other night in the shape of a Lunch Punch princess which is slathered with organic peanut butter and organic strawberry preserves.  The eyes and mouth are jumbo non-pareils.  We have an all-day conference today, so I packed some extra in her bag for snacks too, some yogurt, mini peanut butter crackers and ducky cheese crackers.  Hopefully that'll hold her over until the end of the day.

Bento #128 - Organic princess PB&J, strawberry slices, macadamia nuts, celery sticks and cheese cubes.
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Ms. Mary Mack said...

How smart and cute!

Anonymous said...

Clever! I like the little pick peeking out of the strawberries too.

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