1 Bento #69 - Pizza & Berries

Monday, April 12, 2010

What kid doesn't like pizza on occasion?  My kid, definitely does, that's for sure.  She has very recently decided that she does, in fact, like pepperoni now (duh!) because she's just turned 4 years old.  I hope this is a positive trend and we will continue to see future palate testing and growth.  Pepperoni today...fois gras tomorrow?  So anyway, pizza was really just an easy out for me today, and since we almost never eat it (unless I make it myself), it's a treat.  It was her first day back at school after spring break, and I feel a little rusty. ;)

Bento #69 - Pepperoni pizza, celery, blackberries, and carrots.
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QueenofGoodEats said...

I really like that you use American foods in your bentos. I've found that though Japanese foods are incredibly yummy, a lot of the ingredients are just not practical for your typical American cook on a budget to buy (let alone find!), so seeing American food served up in such a pretty way has made bento much more accessible to me. :) Thanks!

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