1 Creamed Spinach with Shallots & Bacon

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I just LOVE spinach, and I love creamed spinach very muchly.  I had a lot of spinach on hand, so I decided today to make some with it.

1 tbs butter
2+ tbs olive oil
8 cups fresh spinach
5 cloves garlic, minced
5-6 shallots, sliced
1.5 cups heavy cream
4 slices crisp bacon, minced
1 tbs onion powder
1 tbs garlic powder
3 dashes nutmeg
salt and pepper to taste.

I really avoid using thickeners like cornstarch and flour these days, so for this creamed spinach recipe, I just left it out, and to no ill-effect.  You just have to take enough time for the cream to thicken on its own.

In a very large sautee pan, melt butter and olive oil and add garlic and shallots.  Add s&p to taste.

Next throw in half your fresh spinach and wilt down enough to make room for the last half of the batch.  Make sure you don't let the bottom burn.

When the spinach is good and wilted, and there isn't a whole lot of water left, add your heavy cream 

Add in your nutmeg, garlic and onion powders (they will help thicken as well.) Bring to a boil, then simmer over medium-low until it thickens, about 10 mins. 

Pretty thick!  Add in your bacon and stir through.  Enjoy!
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Kimberly said...

This looks really yummy! I can't wait to try this one out because I love spinach and I've never tried to make my own creamed spinach before. When I saute it, I throw in some mushrooms sometimes too & they go really well with the spinach, so I might throw those in as well.

Thanks for the recipe!

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