0 Egg & Onigiri Experiment

Monday, January 25, 2010

I was totally excited to get my rice molds the other day, and got to try them out while E was at school.  I made sushi rice, cooled it, and then made fried rice with it with fresh veggies, chicken and egg.

First, however, I tried using the rice mold to shape a hard boiled egg, since two of them seemed to be able to do double-duty.  I think it would have worked had my egg been a little smaller than extra-large.

Smooshing it in.  As you can see, it got a little messy.  The top is turned upside down to help accommodate the egg, but alas, it didn't help, and the rubber bands are to hold it down (obviously.):

The bottom turned out pretty well, but the top sheered off ;).  I'll try this again with a smaller egg.

Next, the very successful onigiri experiment!

E loved these as her after-school snack today.  Next time I might try to use the veggies to make more of an animal face.
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