0 Bento # 24 - Bagel Pizza & Spinach

Thursday, September 24, 2009

E really wanted pizza, and I was going to bake her a margherita pizza from Trader Joe's, but it turns out Mommy hasn't bought any in a while. Usually we have all kinds of things in our big freezer, and I was sure we had at least one, but alas. Still, she likes when we make bagel pizzas together, and I normally use English muffins or bagels. I had whole wheat bagels in the fridge, so that's what we used, along with jarred spaghetti sauce and a square slice of colby cheese.

Bento #24 - Whole wheat bagel pizza with jarred mushroom spaghetti sauce, and fresh baby spinach

On the other hand, my lunch was fresh guacamole with sweet baby pepper strips.  Yumm! (Yeah, it's kinda brown in spots, but that's because I made it last night so the flavors could meld.  No biggie!)

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