0 Bento #19 - Cannellini Bean Spread & Ham Rollup

Monday, September 14, 2009

Funnily enough, this bento came back with barely any of the rollup eaten. I had made the cannellini bean spread the night before and had her taste it, and she liked it, and she likes ham, but for some reason she wasn't really feeling it at school today. To my utter surprise, she did eat some of the edamame. She has decided she likes it.  You can find the recipe for the bean spread here.  I made some augmentations to it, however, like adding a few more herbs and some toasted garlic.

The reason we haven't been adding much fresh fruit or veggies in the last few days is because we're going out of town to NYC on Thursday, and I haven't done any shopping.  E's dying for some grapes!

Bento# 19 - Cannellini Bean Spread & Ham Rollup, carrots and edamame, craisins and Veggie Stix
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