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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I have been looking forward to going back to Super H Mart for days! As I mentioned in my previous post, I convinced our friends to come with, assuring them that they'd find all sorts of great items. As soon as we walked in, I headed straight for the housewares section, which is immediately to the right. They don't have a lot of bento items, but they certainly had more than they did opening day, which really excited me.

I picked up several items, including a new bento box with matching forks and spoons, onigiri molds, 4 different shape/size vegetable cutters (hooray!), a super awesome Pororo bento tray (in Korea they are known as dosirak), some chopsticks, a tea ball, bunny training chopsticks. Cute! I can't wait to start using these items.

I'm especially excited about the bento tray/dosirak. I think it will be neat to prepare lunches in this during the summer months when E is out of school. It came with an adorable carrying bag, which she thinks is awesome.

The tray itself is neat, it's a molded stamped aluminum (EDIT:  it's not aluminum, it's stainless steel - very durable!), and it comes with a sealed, snap-on top.

The training bunny chopsticks are just so cute! They had them for both right and left-handed kids. I made E some gyoza for dinner that night (she's not a steak eater yet), and she was able to use them with ease.

I was particularly inspired (again) by the fresh seafood area. I've often wondered where to get those pop-in-your-mouth fish roe that comes on so much sushi. I found it in every type, size and color here!

Isn't it so pretty?
The fresh seafood under it looked so good. I usually prefer wild-caught salmon, but they explained that the salmon season wasn't until October, so they didn't have any fresh wild-caught, only farmed.
They had these huge packages of mixed seafood for a fish stew like bouillabaisse or a mixed stir-fry. I was sorry I didn't have a place to store these refrigerated items!
Rounding the corner they had bins of live blue crabs and crawfish.

All in all it was a really fun and productive trip and I'm already wondering when I can go back!

Speaking of neat things...As you know, I'm always on the lookout for cute food decorating items, and I recently came across a shopping website that helps me find a wide range of items I'd be interested in.  Enter Become.com and get customized search results from across the web.

For instance, I entered the search term "food picks" and it returned a list of cute items I'd never come across before, like flags, animals, and even neat twisted sticks that'd be great for fruit kabobs!  If you can't get a good selection of food decorating items locally, buying online is a great resource.  While the search function could be a little more robust, it's not a bad place to start the hunt for that special item you've been looking for.  In fact, I was able to find the perfect craft organizer box for all my small bento decorations!  For now I have to be patient and wait for it to get here, but I'm excited at the prospect of organization!
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hapa bento said...

I love H-Mart and buy a lot of bento filler there. It's also my "go-to" place for pre-cooked fish!

Wonderful photos...which makes me want to go food shopping!

Melissa said...

Oh me, oh my! I adore that tray with the snap-on lid! Fun stuff!

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