1 Bento #273 - Breakfast for Lunch

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ella asked for scrambled eggs for lunch, and I obliged her with a full breakfast accompaniment.  Thick center cut applewood smoked bacon, mini organic blueberry waffles, and organic berries, when thawed can be eaten syrup-like with the waffles.

However, what I'm most excited about is the new lunchbag I found on Amazon. Ella's super-cute owl backpack started falling apart, which forced me into a search for a new one.  The one I purchased by Wildkin had a matching top-carry style insulated lunchbox (which is essential for bento) and I was THRILLED when it arrived and I discovered it fit perfectly accommodated my beloved EasyLunchBoxes.  Check it out.

The top is nice and roomy too.

We have used this bag almost exclusively since we got it!

Bento #273 - Scrambled eggs with cheese, applewood smoked bacon, organic blueberry waffles and organic berry mix.

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