3 10th Anniversary Dinner - Kyma

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

For once our anniversary fell on a weekend night!  This past Friday, Nana and Papa took Miss E overnight and the Mister and I made reservations at Buckhead's famous Kyma.  They specialize in Greek seafood and meze (small plates.)  The service was excellent, the staff went out of their way to make us feel special, and the food was amazing!

First we enjoyed a cod fritter amuse bouche, compliments of the chef.  It was light as air.

Next arrived the best spanakopita I've ever tasted.  Perfectly crispy and creamy.

Then we had herb crusted Hawaiian white tuna, quinoa salad, preserved lemon, pine nuts, tomato and mint.  That quinoa salad was so good, even my husband loved it!

Next was perfectly seared sauteed scallops - Maine sea scallops, yellow split pea puree, pickled red onion and capers.  The were probably the best-prepared scallops I've ever had.

Fifth was an off-menu special of fish stew - prawns, mussels, scallops, Arctic char, Dover sole, Royal Dorade sprinkled with salty feta.  By the way, we had a delectable selection of dips served with smoky grilled pita.  The chef chose the pairings, and we had a roasted red pepper and feta htipiti, a lavender hummus, (complex and delicious) and a balsamic vinegar and garlic spread.

Next was served Kyma's famous grilled octopus with pickled red onion salad in red wine vinaigrette.  They braise it for four hours to make it tender, and then grill it so that it gets this crispy, almost pork fat-like crust.  Totally unexpected and delicious!

By the octopus we were totally stuffed, but we still had the Athenian meatballs with white navy bean stew, tomato-carrot compote and preserved lemon yogurt.  We could only have a couple of bites, but I loved the navy beans, it lent a creaminess to the gyro-like meatball.

And of course we couldn't end the evening without a bite of dessert!  From left to right, a baklava roll with a quenelle of pistachio ice cream, loukoumades (a ridiculously light and airy warm donut) with honey and bougatsa cream tart in a filo cup.

If you ever visit Kyma, you must try the espresso marini with homemade hazelnut cream, caramel and cinnamon. We had 2 of these! We also tried a pomegranate martini and a cucumber martini, and a decanter of very good Greek Sauvignon Blanc.

I'm so bummed I didn't get a picture of the both of us that night, the one I had was totally blurry, but here is one I snapped on the way out, rocking one of the new dresses I got on the consignment tour a couple weeks ago.

I'll leave you with a cute pic of us at our reception 10 years ago, looking really young.  This was before digital photography, yikes!

Speaking of weddings, we are getting ready to leave for my sister Amanda's wedding in Maryland this weekend! She's having her reception in the exact same place we had ours, and I'm so excited that Ella and I are to be a part of her special day!
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Keitha said...

Congratulations on your 10th anniversary! You were rocking the black dress. I'm am drooling over the pics of your anniversary dinner. Yum!

Emily @ Bentobloggy.com said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated anniversary!

<3 Michelle

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