2 Bento #238 - Cucumber-Bacon Sandwiches & Cherries

Thursday, February 23, 2012

This idea was WAY cuter in my head!  I had envisioned thin slices of cucumber with a strip of bacon and topped with spinach artichoke cream cheese and rolled up and secured with a pick.  Unfortunately, my hand-slicing wasn't quite thin enough.  I really needed to bust out my mandolin.  In any case, we have cucumber sandwiches instead of rolls.

Fresh cherries, and a side of almond-raisin granola and Goldfish crackers.

Bento #238 - Cucumber, bacon and spinach-artichoke cream cheese sandwiches, cherries, granola and Goldfish crackers.  Snack - Clementine and roasted peanuts.
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Corey @ Family Fresh Meals said...

I love the cucumber sandwiches! Super cute. My girls love cucumbers so much, they would totally dig these ;)

Bobbi@bobbisbentos said...

That sandwich sounds amazingly yummy!

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