6 Bento #233 - Ham Rolls, Baby Bel & Cucumber Flowers

Monday, February 6, 2012

I did a crazy amount of grocery shopping this week.  I think I need to start watching one of those extreme couponing shows to get some tips.  I had heart palpitations when I added it all up.  Don't tell my husband.  ;)

Okay, so today we have ham rolls with adorable puppy and kitty picks, and a couple of Baby Bels in the main box.

In the side box there are cucumber flowers, fresh organic blueberries and some rice pilaf in cute heart cups.

Snack is a spiced apple & craisin muffin and a sweet clementine.

These are the boxes I picked up in a housewares shop in Chichester, England in June.  Love these!  They are really simple and easy to use.

Bento # 233 - Baby Bel, ham, rice pilaf, fresh blueberries & cucumbers.  Snack - Apple spice muffin & clementine.
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Rina @ Bento School Lunches said...

Emily, this lunch looks so colorful, healthy and yummy. Loving your baby bell creations :)

Candy Girl said...

So pretty!

Corey @ Family Fresh Meals said...

we had ham rolls today also! haha guess it's just a ham roll kinda day :) Love the cut-outs in the Baby Bels.

Unknown said...

I can't use picks at school, one of the other children stuck a pick in their mouth and the teacher asked I refrain from using them. *sigh*
They look unbelievably cute though! And I like the use of cupcake molds so you don't have to fill the whole box up. I'm a sucker for filling it till full, and she never ends up eating it all :( Looks great but wasteful.
Thanks for the lovely inspiration!

Bentobloggy said...

Thanks! I don't know what I would do if I couldn't use my deco picks =/

karen said...

Adorable lunch as always! And I totally understand the heart palpitations at the grocery store. We went Saturday after we saw that our federal tax refunds hit our banks. Tom and I had separate carts and between the two of us ended up with $400 worth of groceries! Thank God (literally) for shoppers cards and coupons!!! Still ended up spending a ton, but we saved a bit, too :)

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