1 Bento #222 - Angry Birds, Reprised

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I just like calling it Angry Birds because of the adorable piggy.  I seriously can't get enough of his rotund body.

Today Ella has camp with some of her best girlfriends from her previous school.  All I had to do was pack her lunch, since they're providing the snack. She was very specific in telling me what she wanted in her lunchbox.  PB&J shaped like a puzzle piece and Goldfish.  The angry, angry fowl were my contribution.  And the Lego lunch box, of course.

Also she wanted bell pepper with dip.  Thus, we have a rampart made of orange bell pepper with a naughty piggy full of ranch dip.  He is perched atop some juicy red grapes.

Bento #222 - Organic peanut butter and strawberry jelly on 12 grain toast, orange bell pepper, ranch dip, grapes and Goldfish.
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