1 Bento #195 - Duckling Sandwiches & Berries

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Whew!  I've had some technical difficulties in the last week.  Boring stuff, database corruption, blah, blah, plus a lot of work at my regular job.  All fixed now.  We are preparing to go on our big vacation!  I'll hopefully be posting pictures while I'm there, as long as I can find some free Wi-Fi.

By the way, I actually won 1st place in a cook-off this weekend with my Andouille & Cilantro Paella!  I won a $50 gift certificate!

This lunch was an adorable pair of ducklings, made from whole wheat bread, cheese and ham, with some ducky friends for company in the berries.

Bento #195 - Ham & cheddar sandwich on wheat, organic spinach, fresh blackberries and ranch dip.

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Anonymous said...

the duck picks are great O.O

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