2 Homemade Crème de Café

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I have been a little remiss in my posting the last few days - as I mentioned, my sister and my 6 month old nephew are here visiting, and Ella's Fall vacation started on Thursday.  We have been sightseeing like crazy, eating at all our favourite spots and cooking all my special treats.

Wednesday we took the kids for a flying one-night visit to my grandfather's home in Tennessee, and were treated to his lovely wife Nella's superb hostess skills (including her cooking - that lady is the domestic goddess that I can only dream of becoming.  For almost 30 years Nella has been the best stand-in grandmother we could possibly have asked for.)  She intrepidly took my sister and I, and our two children antiquing in Knoxville all day, for I was in hot pursuit of some new Descoware, and I was sure I would stumble upon some (alas, I did not.  However I did find a sweet kitchen twine holder!)

Nella is a born and bred Tennesseean, and she makes the most wonderful Crème de Café a.k.a. Kahlua (which my grandfather lovingly calls "Coffee Booze-ter.")  She says that you can't claim to be Tennesseean if you can't make your own booze, and so she graciously shared with us her recipe.  She gave me a bottle to take home, so I haven't had the excuse to actually make this yet, but it is delicious, and great in coffee (provided you are spending a lazy weekend morning at home!  Grandpa uses this in place of sugar in his coffee, and hey, when you're 90 years old, why not?)


2 quarts water
8 cups sugar
2 oz instant coffee
1 fifth (a 750ml bottle) of grain alcohol such as distilled whiskey or vodka

In a large pot, heat the water to dissolve the sugar and coffee (make sure they are completely dissolved.)  Remove from heat and let cool to room temperature.  Add the alcohol, stir to combine and portion into sterile glass bottles.  Nella's note:  "We used to use distilled whiskey, but it got to be too expensive, so we switched to vodka and it tastes just as good!"

And you knoooow it would be extra-delish in the White Russian Apple Pudding recipe I posted recently!!
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Aggie said...

Hello chook, just ran into your blog and loved it. I've had a great time visiting with you and yours, thanks for the eye candy :)

tinyskillet said...

This looks good, I love recipes like that. I think my mom made that a long time ago.

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