1 Bento #82 - Egg Flower & Wild Blueberries

Monday, May 24, 2010

Today we're going to help my SIL pack up her classroom, so I packed a lunch for E to take and eat there while we work.

Bento #82 - hardboiled eggs with a blackberry, wild blueberries, artisan lettuce, mini oatmeal cookies and banana chips.

Also, this is in a new bento box that I picked up from Niko Niko this weekend.  I'm impressed by the locking style - instead of the handle hinges being the locking point, it's those tabs on the bento box itself that lock into the handles, so a lot less chance for hinge breakage.  I can see this one lasting a long time!

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Kels Luksusova said...

I ADORE the way you did the egg! I've been trying to figure out a cute way to serve eggs to my girl! She's going to flip over that one!

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