0 Bento #33 - Lunch & Classroom Snack

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

About once a month we are assigned classroom snack, which I need to prepare for 20. I tried to make mini corn muffins, but apparently I can't accomplish that on the first try!  Flat and burned.  Yuck!  I scrapped the whole pan.

Corn muffin FAIL:

Second batch was much better, but they didn't get golden brown on the top like I wanted, but I was too terrified of having them burn like the first batch, and I certainly didn't want to stay up past 2am.  And anyway, we're talking 3 year olds here, not Tom Colicchio.  I made a fresh strawberry, pineapple, grape and banana fruit salad to go along with it.

Miss E had fish sticks for dinner last night that she didn't finish, as well as mac n' cheese, so I decided to make her lunch easy on myself and just pack those for her (and make a little more room in my fridge.)

Bento #33 - Mac n' cheese and fish sticks with cheese stars and hearts, broccoli and spinach dipping sauce.
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