0 Bento #15 - Goldfish Ravioli

Friday, September 4, 2009

So here's a neat one! I saw these adorable 'Gol'fish' cheese ravioli (Costco) in the shape of - what else? - goldfish! I couldn't resist, I had to pick up a package. They smell soooo yummy!

Bento #15 is goldfish ravioli swimming in a sea of marinara, sweet corn off the cob, fresh raspberries on skewers, and 3 Nilla wafers. I wish I was eating that for lunch!

I also included a second pic showing how adorable the containers are. ;)


Unfortunately, the ravioli didn't go over so well...maybe the marinara?  Also, she told me not to send corn to school any more.  Why?  Because, according to the teacher note she came home with, she threw it at another child who was bothering her!
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